You are the sun, warm up the creatures with your light and cool them down with the shadows, keep them alive until the end of the day. 
A cute hand drawn puzzle game with 9 Levels to complete ! 
Retro-ish synth music inside !

This game was made in 48h for Ludum Dare #46 (Compo).

Download the original soundtrack for free :

Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
AuthorMūn Mūn
Made withUnity
Tagsdrawings, Hand-drawn, light-and-shadows, sun, sunlight


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Really really cool game with cute designs and hypnotizing music. I've found it very smooth and difficult at the same time, very addictive! GG!


I really like the idea! and great execution! For me it's a bit too much moving side to side to have them stay at the alive. I think I would've liked it more if you had to pick one spot to have save all of them by the end of the day.


What a cool (or hot) idea! GGWP!